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Create an impact & Give Back to the community

Internships or Part Time. Unpaid but earns your volunteer hours and job experience

Creative Minds can't be limited, thats why Bright Sparks offers unlimited sessions forever. Improve your gaps by relearning concepts and improving overall growth here



Computer Sciences



Bright Sparks is a new concept teaching approach, providing unprivileged kids or 1st to 8th graders with free, personalized, premium education. The mission is to wipe out premium costly tutoring or free basic tutoring and combine them two to create the product of the century.


Volunteers are the reason Bright Sparks can sustain and grow. You can make a difference by helping out on a product, provide kids with free education the right way, or even help out with an advertisement.


Volunteer Hours - Certainly, we value the importance of giving back. As a gesture of appreciation, we provide volunteer hours for your contributions

Skill Development - Regardless of the division you choose, skill development is guaranteed as you will gain a wealth of experience in that particular area

Experience - Incorporating this incredible opportunity into your work experience is a genuine privilege. Embrace it and gain valuable experience 😏

Networking - Opens doors to connect with incredible individuals, fostering the opportunity to form meaningful and valuable relationships. It enables meeting new and fascinating members within various circles, expanding horizons and creating avenues for personal and professional growth.

Personal Growth - Experience personal growth by honing essential skills like leadership, communication, dependability, time management, decision-making, and many others.

Basic Requirements


Age: Be a incoming 9th Grader or above, or has to be 14 years old.


Communication: Actively participate and complete assignments on time as needed, in addition communicate effectively with the team members


Flexibility: Able to time manage and make time per week during the season or off-season to accommodate the tasks or sessions in order to sustain the project. Can be flexible about certain parts.


Interest: Going above and beyond with more than what you are asked for. Showing interest & completing assignments on time


Parental consent: Ensure you have proper consent from the volunteers' parents or guardians, and keep them informed about your volunteer involvement in Bright Sparks


Quality Work: Showing interest in the work and providing details as well meeting more than what's asked for on each assignment. Also, sending them on time with quality.

5 Steps to Join

You chose right. Now lets get started


Choose a position you have interest in


Click on apply and fill the form


Wait for a recruiter to contact you

Sign a few documents


Start your internship!


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