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Cupertino, California

Hello there, my name is Nimai Garg, and I'm the CEO & Founder for Bright Sparks. With passion and experience with business, I am grateful to bring a one of a kind experience to my nonprofit organization! Education should be accessible to everyone, for free, the premium kind. You can connect with me at my socials below.

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Nimai Garg, Founder & CEO

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Krshiv Sathiaseelan, COO

Frisco, Texas

Hello everyone, I'm Krshiv Sathiaseelan, and I am honored to serve as the COO for Bright Sparks. With a deep-seated passion for finance and business, I am delighted to be the bedrock of financial stewardship for this nonprofit organization. In my free time, I like to keep up with the market, but also I enjoy playing basketball and going to the gym to keep myself healthy.

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