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What will our future Business Program include?

Welcome to Bright Sparks, where we ignite a passion for learning and empower students from 1st to 8th grade on their journey to mathematical excellence! As we continue our commitment to fostering academic growth, we're excited to incorporate our upcoming initiative combining math and business. In the future, Bright Sparks will introduce an innovative Business Program designed to instill entrepreneurial skills in young minds from 7th to 12th grade. We understand the importance of creating a meaningful educational experience, and our program aims to bridge the gap between math proficiency and essential business concepts. Mathematics is the keystone of logical thinking and problem-solving—the very skills at the heart of entrepreneurship. In our Business Program, students will explore the intersection of math and business, creating a unique learning experience that enhances their mathematical abilities and introduces them to the exciting world of commerce. We'll tailor our classes to ensure that foundational business principles are conveyed understandably. By incorporating business into the math curriculum, we aim to make complex concepts more accessible and relatable for our young learners. Students will engage in interactive 1-1 sessions that foster problem-solving and innovative thinking—skills essential in business and navigating everyday life's challenges. Our Business Program will immerse students in real-world simulations, giving them a taste of business scenarios. We aim to challenge their critical thinking and decision-making abilities through fun and intensive activities, preparing them for success. While our Business Program is still in the works, you can join our current math tutoring classes to experience the quality education and personalized attention that Bright Sparks offers. To enroll in our existing program, click here to explore our current class offering. We look forward to welcoming young minds to our growing community of learners at Bright Sparks.



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