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फ़ोन:+1 650-272-7186

Phone*/Text**: +1 408-821-4380

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* Anyone can call, but if we missed your call and you're a non-Apple user, please text us to ensure we are not calling back a scammer. We will not return calls from those who do not text us. Do not send us voicemails. Alternatively, please send the form to the right

** Texting can be done on iMessages and WhatsApp

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  • Are the services really free? What's the catch?
    Absolutely! Our services are completely free, and there are no plans or pricing involved. However, if you'd like to support our mission, you have the option to make a donation on the appropriate page. We believe in providing premium value even without any cost. Our goal is to revolutionize education through Personalized Learning, and we achieve that by making it accessible to everyone.
  • What can I learn?
    You have the opportunity to learn a wide range of mathematical and computer science concepts. Our current focus is on Computer Sciences for grades 2 to 8, including languages of HTML, CSS, and Swift. We also offer Mathematics from 2nd grade to Algebra 2. We offer a personalized learning experience where you can specify what you want to learn, and we tailor our teaching accordingly. In the future, we plan to introduce a designed curriculum for Computer Sciences only that you can choose from. Mathematics will have a different method for this.
  • How often should tutoring sessions be scheduled?
    Bright Sparks brings you unlimited flexibility! You and your tutor can decide the frequency of sessions per week based on your needs. Since our tutoring is one-on-one and not in a group setting, scheduling is easy and flexible. You have the freedom to cancel or reschedule sessions at any time, even if the class has already started. Our teachers come prepared for each lesson, so if you miss a class, the material can be utilized in the next session. Take advantage of this flexibility and join us now on the appropriate page.
  • Does Bright Sparks plan to expand services?
    We are excited to announce that the project's growth and development program launch is set to be in June. We anticipate our services to expand significantly by late 2024, reaching quadruple their current capacity. We are diligently crafting remarkable products exclusively for you, delivered with unparalleled 100% quality while being completely free of charge. You can visit our updates by following our social media or checking this website over time for new information.
  • How does Bright Sparks ensure the quality of tutoring services
    Presently, Bright Sparks is undergoing its testing phase, dedicated to upholding top-notch tutoring services. Each class is recorded by your tutor to ensure the utmost quality. Subsequently, the team meticulously reviews the videos, taking note of essential information. Constructive feedback is then provided to the tutors, creating a continuous improvement cycle. Rest assured, our primary focus is on delivering unparalleled quality throughout the project.
  • What do we do with the data you provide
    Your provided data is primarily intended for the teacher's use. Keeping this data is essential as it may be required for verification or other necessary purposes, such as facilitating tutor changes. However, should you choose to have your data entirely removed, you can inform us accordingly. Yet, please be aware that if you opt for data removal, you would need to fill out the form again in case we require your information in the future. If you decide to discontinue using Bright Sparks, rest assured that your data will be completely and securely deleted from our records.
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